Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A New Chapter

Highschool has ended and college is starting soon for most of the class of 2012. College, military, the workplace. You name it, our class will be successful at it. It's in our blood. From birth to graduation, baby. Sports, academics, anything. Us Millennial's seem to have it together so far and I am extremely proud of my former classmates.

Close friends are moving away to college in less than a week and some have already made the journey. As for me, I am staying at home and will be traveling all of less than 10 minutes to school right down the road. For now, it's good for me. I am happy and content with starting this new phase right here in my small home town where I am taking sociology, english, math and a computer course. Excited to meet new people and branch out to new (to me) surroundings.

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