Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Celebrating the Little Things

Answering the very last question in my CGS1000 class on a rainy, Tuesday night in my little old small town, I felt serious relief. I have officially completed my very first semester of college, ever. To you, maybe this is not that big of a deal but to me, I think we should always celebrate the little things in life.  If you can't celebrate the little things, who are you to celebrate the big things? One semester down and several more to go.

I loved this semester of learning, growing, and meeting new people. If I could be a full time, professional student, I probably would. College was definitely different than high school, I actually learned some things. Shocker.

This semester was full of writing essays, reading essays, listening to lectures, drinking coffee, finishing projects, doing math problems, Excel spreadsheets, drinking coffee, a little bit of Instagram, reading more essays and drinking coffee. Oh yes, did I mention that I drank a lot of coffee?

What does this face say? This face says, "Heck yes. This Mount Keystone is SO good." This face also says, "Heck yes. One semester down." 
Celebrating the little things.

What are you celebrating? Is it the completion of a semester in college? Whatever it is, celebrate it with all your heart. Nothing less.



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