Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Parrish

I've known Kyle for several years now & met Taylor in my first college English class. These two go together like peas & carrots and I could not be happier for them! Their one month anniversary is coming up on Tuesday, August 13th so in honor of that, I figured I would post a blog before I deliver their final images. Congratulations you two, once again! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture your big day, I loved every minute of it! Enjoy...
 photo Publication12_zps99b2c4d7.jpg  photo Publication13_zpse944ad74.jpg  photo Publication14_zpse17200f5.jpg  photo Publication15_zps7c828821.jpg  photo Publication6_zps5548695c.jpg
Kyle & Taylor were married at First Baptist Church in Lake Butler, FL. on a rainy July afternoon
 photo Publication8_zps3d208a29.jpg {Two photos above were taken by Hoover photography}  photo Publication10_zpsd794eb59.jpg  photo 020_zps79d5f612.jpg  photo 376_zpsa7bbdd44.jpg  photo Publication21_zps286de3b8.jpg  photo Publication7_zpse62101f4.jpg  photo Publication5_zpsade9837b.jpg  photo Publication1_zps3471638c.jpg  photo Publication3_zps1fe231d9.jpg  photo Publication4_zps8df02d3d.jpg  photo Publication9_zpsd6a6c4bb.jpg
You gotta just LOVE a sweet first look!
 photo Publication16_zps9150e130.jpg  photo Publication18_zps95948dcb.jpg  photo Publication17_zps28b9666b.jpg
Sweet little flower girls!
 photo Publication19_zps336b9731.jpg
Their crew was definitely a fun & welcoming bunch to work with :)
 photo Publication20_zps93f44b6e.jpg  photo Publication22_zps99f7a839.jpg
An absolutely gorgeous bride!
 photo Publication23_zpse7004d52.jpg  photo Publication24_zps6ae112cc.jpg
Visiting a sweet relative who wasn't able to attend their ceremony, love documenting special memories like these! They made her day!
 photo Publication28_zps77daa30b.jpg  photo Publication27_zpsaa0e4f2f.jpg  photo Publication26_zps17696647.jpg  photo Publication25_zps969793ba.jpg
Their reception was a blast! Of course, I loved all of the pretty flowers & rustic decor. It was PACKED with family & friends who were there to celebrate them as husband & wife :)
 photo Publication29_zps9402dcf0.jpg  photo Publication30_zpsdc79ea25.jpg  photo Publication31_zpsceaa225f.jpg  photo Publication32_zps035bb51c.jpg  photo Publication33_zpsc1a1cc05.jpg  photo Publication34_zps248c2413.jpg
Once again, congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Parrish! xoxo, Whitney

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