Friday, December 28, 2012

Brianna's 19th Birthday Weekend in Orlando

I mean, really. Carrie Underwood is gorgeous. Someone needs to smack her with an ugly stick. Last Friday afternoon, us girls packed up and headed to Orlando for one of my best friend's, 19th birthday :) Her concert was hands-down, my favorite. Probably has something to do with her being absolutely fabulous, knowing all of her songs, and being with my best friends. Buut, still. Girl knows how to throw a party, um, concert. :)

Dressing up in dresses & boots, eating a wonderful dinner overlooking the arena, dancing, singing and meeting new people at the concert, eating tons of junk food, sleeping in, taking pictures, eating lunch at Red Lobster, shopping and a little parking lot prank made for one extremely fun weekend getaway. Big shout-out to Brianna's wonderful Mama for making it all happen for us! We love you :) 

Watch these two videos to get a full picture of just how much fun was had. The parking lot prank on Mackenzie and Jenna will go down in history.

Love you, Bri! Thanks for letting us tag along :)



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Brianna Starling said...

Gurrrllll... no problem! You know how me & Carrie roll ;)